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In the idyllic Sussex countryside, our acre and a half Kitchen Garden is carefully designed, planted and maintained by David Love-Cameron, a 'Raymond Blanc Heritage Garden' Scholar. 

The Garden provides a host of organic, seasonal produce exclusively for the restaurant, from the robust staple vegetables and fruits of all origins to carefully selected and rare herbs and flowers that adorn our menus daily.

The Garden is also home to our apiary of ten hives which, in addition to the important job of pollinating, produce the honey and honeycomb for some of our favourite desserts. 

We have the pleasure of serving our own estate venison of fallow deer which graze off the same terroir as the bees, adjacent to the Kitchen Garden. ​

The restaurant is fully committed to seasonality, sustainability and minimising food waste and the Kitchen Garden is an integral part of that ethos. Dishes are designed around the best available produce we can grow. What we're unable to grow ourselves we source as locally and ethically as possible. Any food waste that is produced in the kitchen is then returned to The Garden for composting in preparation for next season's planting.


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